How to Deal With a Car Accident That Isn’t Your Fault

Knowing what to do and say after getting in an accident can save you money and legal trouble down the line. If you are ever in an accident that is not your fault, you must know what to do. With the help of Memphis’ #1 car accident lawyer, Porter Law comes four steps to do when you get in a no-fault accident.

Stay Calm and Gather Evidence

If you get hit or experience a car accident that is not your fault, the best initial step to do is to pull over and stay calm. If it is safe, write down the license plate of the other vehicle, step out of your vehicle and take as many photos of the scene as possible. Gathering the evidence at the scene of the accident can benefit you when filing an insurance claim. Once you have photos of the scene, guide the other party off to a safe side of a road or the nearest parking lot.

Collect the Other Drivers Information

Once you are safe and the other driver has moved out of the way, you can proceed with caution. Ensure that you are not apologizing when interacting with the other driver to save you from possible false accusations later. It is also important that you collect the following information from the other driver: license plate, name, license number, insurance, insurance policy number, and phone number. All of this information is to protect and ensure you get compensation for your mistake.

Inform Your Insurance

If you do not require medical attention, take your time to get home as soon as you can. Once you are safe at home, immediately call your insurance to report the accident. The sooner you do this, the better and more accurate your claim can be. If you struggle to remember details, it may be helpful to write all of the information and details of the accident down before calling your insurance.

Contact Legal Help

If the other party from your accident is not participating or you want additional assurance, consider partnering with an auto accident lawyer. Legal help can ensure you get the appropriate financial compensation for the other party’s involvement. Whether your accident was a minor fender bender, or a car totaling accident, finding legal help can protect you and ensure you are properly compensated.

After your accident, getting the appropriate compensation can feel like an overwhelming process. Whatever your auto accident was, get the assurance of having an accident professional on your side. Get a free consultation from Porter Law before you sign any legal paperwork!