Porter Law Firm is a top-rated accident attorney located in Memphis, Tennessee. Our team works diligently to ensure you receive just compensation for any injury due to a personal injury. Our car accident lawyers have years of experience in helping car accident victims navigate the legal process of receiving compensation after an injury. Many of our customers wonder about the rehabilitation process after injuries from a car accident. Learn some of the steps in the rehabilitation process below, and contact us today!

a physical therapist looking at an armEvaluation

The first step in the rehabilitative process is evaluation. At this step, you’ll meet with your physical therapist, go over your medical history, your injuries and their effects, and your goals for physical therapy. Some preliminary mobility tests may be performed so that your therapist can get a better idea of your limitations.

a physical therapist talking with a patient

Program Design

After the initial evaluation, your physical therapist will put together a custom treatment plan with the goal of restoring your health to pre-car accident condition. The plan will be based on the therapist’s knowledge of how the body heals, as well as on brain function, too. The custom treatment plan will take incremental steps and then build upon those steps over the course of your treatment.

a physical therapist helping a patient with a walking exerciseProgram Implementation

With your treatment plan in place, it’s time to execute. While this is an exciting time as you now know you will be on the road to recovery, there will most likely be some serious work you’ll have to do depending on your injury. If you are dealing with a traumatic brain injury (which are common in car accidents here in Memphis), you can expect your rehabilitation to take a bit longer.

a physical therapist helping a patient liftCompletion of Your Rehabilitation

Once you have returned to pre-accident functions (with the goal of 100% recovery or as close to it as possible), you will have completed the rehabilitation process. From here, you can consult with your therapists and doctors if more treatment is needed. Plus, if you do need any permanent treatment due to a limiting disability, your therapist can advise you accordingly.


Porter Law Firm takes pride in helping victims of car accidents recover their lives after an automobile accident. Our personal injury lawyers examine your case, prepare for it thoroughly, and are always prepared for litigation if necessary. We work closely with your doctors and therapists in order to help determine your prognosis for recovery and for quality of life, which can impact your settlement if you have a permanent disability due to the car accident. Our experienced car accident lawyers will ensure you receive the just compensation you deserve. Call for a free consultation today!

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