Settlements & Verdict

Jury Verdict of $2.8 million

Matt was recently part of a trial team that secured a jury verdict in the amount of 2.8 million dollars. A man was traveling on Highway 385 in Memphis when he was hit from behind. The collision caused his vehicle to turn and flip.  He was ejected and sustained fractures to his skull and both legs. The injuries were so severe that he was left with permanent blindness in one eye and also underwent a craniotomy. He spent 27 days in ICU at The Regional Medical Center. The case was highly contested by multiple defense firms, including outside counsel brought in from New York City.  The auto accident attorneys were able to survive multiple Summary Judgments as well as Interlocutory Appeals and Extraordinary Appeal. Finally almost 6 years after the collision occurred the case went to trial. The jury found the defendant driver 100 percent at fault and awarded a verdict of 2.8 million dollars for their clients.

Confidential Settlement for Paralysis Victim

A Memphis woman was traveling in Florida with her husband and son. Her husband was driving a company vehicle. The morning of the accident, it had been raining.The vehicle driven by the husband hydroplaned and he lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle flipped and his wife was ejected. The wife was paralyzed from the waist down while no one else in the vehicle sustained injuries. The wife will have medical needs and limitations for the rest of her life and will never work again. Three Memphis law firms were consulted, declining representation and stating to the family that there was no legal remedy for them. Matt along with co-counsel were then consulted by the family. After meeting with the family, Matt and co-counsel were hired, representing the wife against both the company her husband worked for and the insurance company that represented it. The case was mediated and settled for a confidential amount prior to filing a lawsuit. Matt along with co-counsel were able to secure a large settlement and the client will not have to worry about the cost of medical care or other living necessities.

Single Car Accident

A Mid-South lady was traveling with her friends to Florida for vacation. She was a passenger and her best friend was driving. Her best friend lost control of the vehicle and flipped the vehicle down an embankment. The young lady was killed and her best friend was uninjured. The insurance carrier for the driver offered the family of the deceased 3 thousand dollars in death benefits. Matt along with co-counsel were hired to represent the family and estate of the deceased. A settlement was later reached for policy limits and death benefits of 105 thousand dollars.

Tractor and Trailer Side Swipe

A commercial vehicle side swiped a pick-up truck in Mississippi. The tractor and trailer driver fled the scene and a witness followed the tractor and trailer while contacting the highway patrol. The driver of the pick-up truck sustained multiple soft tissue injuries and bruises. He also sustained an aggravation of pre-existing back problems as well as a bulging disc. Matt along with co-counsel filed a suit against the driver of the tractor-trailer as well as the company that owned the truck. The case was mediated and a settlement was reached in the amount of 300 thousand dollars

Head-On Collision

A Memphis man and his wife were traveling just outside of Nashville when they exited off the interstate onto Highway 70. The other driver was operating a company vehicle when he lost control and hit the couple head on. The husband suffered a fractured orbital bone, broken humerus and additionally sustained a closed head injury. The wife sustained minor soft tissue injuries. Matt along with co-counsel filed a lawsuit against the driver and the company. The case was settled in mediation for 550 thousand dollars.

Premises Liability

A 38 year old Memphis man was shopping at Family Dollar in a north Memphis neighborhood. He was accused of shoplifting two packages of tube socks. The man exited the store and the store manager chased after him. The store manager drove around several blocks before seeing the customer and then proceeded to apprehend him and take him back to the store. While in the custody of the store manager, the customer stopped breathing and subsequently died. The autopsy report was inconclusive as to the cause of death. Matt along with co-counsel were hired to represent the estate and family of the customer.  A lawsuit was filed against the store manager and Family Dollar in the amount of 100 million dollars. The case was settled in mediation for a confidential amount.

Motorcycle Collision

A motorcycle driver was run off the roadway by a passing vehicle. The only part of the vehicle that struck the motorcyclist was the side mirror of the car. The side mirror clipped the pinky-finger of the motorcycle driver causing him to lose part of his pinky-finger. The motorcycle driver incurred medical bills of just under 10 thousand dollars. Matt along with co-counsel were hired and a settlement was reached for policy limits in the amount of 125 thousand dollars.

Motorcycle Collision

A motorcycle driver and his wife were riding in Arkansas when they were rear-ended by another vehicle. The wife was uninjured. The driver suffered an aggravation of a previous herniated disc of the neck sustained on the job. The aggravation led to surgery of the herniated disc. Matt along with co-counsel were able to secure a settlement of policy limits in the amount of 100 thousand dollars.

Motorcycle Collision.

A motorcycle driver was traveling in Mississippi when a pick-up truck changed lanes and hit the motorcycle driver. The motorcycle driver sustained a fractured right ankle and multiple broken bones in his left hand. Matt along with co-counsel were hired to represent him for his injuries. The truck driver had a limited insurance policy of 50 thousand dollars. However, Matt along with co-counsel were able to stack the injured motorcyclist personal insurance policies and obtain a settlement totaling 250 thousand dollars for the injured biker.

Motorcycle Collision.

A motorcycle passenger was hit by a vehicle while traveling through an intersection. She sustained multiple broken bones. Matt along with co-counsel were able to negotiate a policy limits settlement of 250 thousand dollars. Additionally, Matt along with co-counsel structured the settlement so it did not affect her TENNCare benefits.

Wrongful Death – Workers’ Compensation

A Hispanic man was working during the construction of Mirimichi Golf Course when his machinery flipped and trapped him underneath. He subsequently died leaving behind a wife and six children in Mexico. The deceased worker was hired by his brother who was a subcontractor for the primary/general construction company. The deceased worker was paid cash and there was no wage history to base a workers’ compensation rate. Matt was hired to represent the family and estate of the deceased worker. A benefit review conference was held and a wage rate was established at the average industry wage by similar employees of the general contractor. The subcontractor did not carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Therefore, the general contractor’s insurance coverage was utilized. A settlement was later reached for the maximum benefits allowed under the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act.

Dog Attack

A woman was walking on the sidewalk a short distance from her home. A neighbor’s dog spotted her and began to run directly toward her. As the dog approached her, it lunged and knocked her to the ground.  The ground caused a severe fracture to her leg that resulted in surgery to repair the broken bones. Matt along with co-counsel was referred this case from another attorney. The case was taken over from the prior attorney, and Matt along with co-counsel successfully negotiated a settlement for the homeowner’s policy limits in the amount of 300 thousand dollars. If you find yourself asking questions like “how much to expect from a car accident settlement”, contact us today. Instead of scouring the internet, Call Us for a free personal injury consultation.

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