Trucking Accidents

Memphis Truck Accident Attorneys

Each year, there are over half-a-million trucking accidents on roadways across the United States. What is even more frightening is these collisions result in over 5,000 fatalities annually. Accidents involving trucks and commercial vehicles need to be dealt with very differently than those involving non-commercial vehicles. We are knowledgeable on the legal reasons is that make truck accidents different. The liability may extend beyond the driver to other parties, including the driver’s employer, the owner of the trailer and the freight, those responsible for maintenance and the individuals who loaded the vehicle. To make things even more complex, the laws regulating commercial vehicles and the insurance system covering them, are very different than those for regular passenger vehicles. That’s why you need an experienced truck accident attorney on your side. At The Porter Law Firm, PLLC we understand that trucking collisions and claims are a specialized area of law that requires in-depth knowledge of the extensive regulations that govern the trucking industry.

Trucking Accident Injuries

Hiring one of our Memphis truck accident attorneys to represent you in your trucking accident case can make all the difference between being treated fairly or not being treated fairly, and receiving full compensation or not receiving full compensation. Evidence must be preserved and only an attorney that is competent in handling a commercial vehicle case will understand how to preserve this evidence. It is crucial that you contact us IMMEDIATELY after an accident involving an 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicle so that we may assist you in the preservation of evidence, and protect your rights. There is no cost or obligation to have your case evaluated by our office. The statute of limitations will control how much time you are allowed to bring your case, so please call today.

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