If you’ve been in a serious motorcycle accident where an injury occurred, you should speak with a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. You want to ensure just compensation for your injuries, and a top-rated accident lawyer can help. Porter Law Firm is a Memphis-based accident attorney who helps those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident. Below, we’ll go over some questions to ask when looking for a motorcycle accident attorney. Call for a free consultation today!

Motorcycle crash

Do You Specialize in Motorcycle Accident Cases?

Experience matters when it comes to motorcycle accident cases, and you want an attorney who is well-versed not only in the specifics of motorcycle law cases, but also is successful in their outcomes. Ask about their success rate with motorcycle accident cases and ask for specifics, too.

Person on motorcycle

Do You or Have You Ridden Motorcycles?

Riding motorcycles is a whole different ball game than riding a bicycle. There is so much to think about when operating a motorcycle, from shifting gears to road conditions, weather, braking, and more. You want a motorcycle accident attorney who understands the nuances of riding a motorcycle so they are better able to win your case when it comes down to the details.

Police at sight of motorcycle

Who Will Handle My Case?

It’s important to know who will be your motorcycle accident attorney. You can’t assume that it will be the Memphis accident attorney you speak to either over the phone or for your initial consultation. You want to ensure you have the best representation possible from the best motorcycle accident lawyers at the firm.

Lawyer consultation

How Do You Charge?

You want to receive the most compensation for your motorcycle injuries after everything is said and done. Many motorcycle accident attorneys in Memphis work on contingency, which means your attorney takes a percentage of your settlement, giving them incentive to fight for your compensation, too.


Porter Law Firm is a top-rated motorcycle accident law firm in Memphis. Call for a free consultation today!