Protecting Yourself From Premises Liability Claims

As your primary source of personal injury lawyers in Memphis, TN, you usually see us speaking in terms like “if you are hurt as a result of another person’s negligence” or “if you are injured on another person’s property” when we are discussing premises liability. While yes, the Porter Law Firm is here for you when you get hurt on another person’s property, but if we would have it our way, you would never get hurt at all.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few ways that Memphis property owners can improve their property to make it less likely that someone becomes injured on their property. Continue reading for tips and tricks that could help you, as a property owner, avoid a premises liability claim.

Refresher: What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability refers to the liability a property owner might have if someone is to become hurt or seriously injured, on their property. Now, that being said, premises liability only applies when the owner of the property was negligent in not alerting the injured party of, or not fixing, something that could potentially cause injury the other party.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Premises Liability Claims?

Below, your personal injury lawyers in Memphis, TN, have gathered a short list of situations that could potentially cause an injured person to make a personal injury claim to a commercial or residential property owner.


As a property owner, it is your responsibility to keep walkways and main thoroughfares through your property clear from potentially hazardous or damaging objects. If someone is to become injured as a result of the property owner’s negligence, whether that be the failure to repair a large crack or tripping hazard or the misplacement of an item that causes a tripping hazard, the injured person may make a personal injury claim on the grounds of premises liability. As a property owner, situations as such are avoidable by maintaining your property and ensuring that crowded thoroughfares are well lit.


Much like walkways and thoroughfares, it is the responsibility of a property owner to keep stairwells on their property safe for visitors. Stairwells can be exceptionally dangerous fall hazards if they are not properly marked or maintained. For business owners, it is important to make sure stairwells are clearly marked, or even blocked off from entry, as falling or tripping in stairwells oftentimes causes serious injury. By clearly marking, lighting, or closing off staircase you can ensure that passersby will not become injured.

Why Is Creating A Safe Property Important?

It might seem silly that you have to make your property safe for others, especially if it is private, but in doing so you may be able to prevent someone from becoming injured and filing an injury claim against you. If you are to invite someone to your property, or even if children wander onto your property and become injured, you could be liable for the financial damages that are inflicted upon them — for both commercial and residential properties.

All of this being said, premises liability law can be rather vague and confusing, meaning sometimes it might not be immediately clear as to whom is responsible for the damages caused by an incident. Because of this, it is imperative that if you are injured on someone else’s property, or if someone is injured on your property, that you get in touch with an injury lawyer and premises liability lawyer in Memphis, TN.

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