Four reasons you need a lawyer for rear end accidents in Tennessee

If you’re living in the state of Tennessee, rear end accidents are a very real possibility. If this has happened to you recently, it’s important that you have an attorney, like the professionals at Porter Law Firm, on your side. Here are four reasons why:

Driver Injured

You could be hurt in the rear end accident,

which is no laughing matter. These injuries can cause long term problems that are expensive to treat and they’re not always easy to recover from. – If you have an attorney on your side, he or she will know how best to protect your rights so that you won’t be taken advantage of.

Even if the other driver is at fault

for rear ending your vehicle, they may still have liability coverage limits lower than what it would take to cover all of your damages and lost wages from being out of work while recovering.

Driver frustrated with car accident
Driver Injured

If there was serious injury involved

with the accident, an attorney can help make sure that both parties get compensated for their losses according to their share of the blame.

If rear ended at a red light,

you may be able to file your claim even if one or both parties involved were partially or fully responsible for their own injuries because there was no negligence on either side that would allow them to recover damages from each other.

Red Traffic Lights

Don’t take any chances if you have been involved in a rear end accident. Contact Porter Law Firm right away.