Lawyers are human and can make mistakes. However, while there are simple, small mistakes a lawyer can make, there are also highly detrimental yet avoidable errors they can make too. Here is a list of four red flags to look out for when hiring a new lawyer. If your current lawyer demonstrates any of these flaws, it may be well-worth it to find a new one, since your case deserves to be represented by the best possible attorneys in Memphis.

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Your Lawyer’s Communication (or Lack Thereof)

If you are trying to get a response from your lawyer and it regularly turns into a wild goose chase, with them not responding for days, weeks, or not at all, you’ve hired a dud of a lawyer. Your lawyer should be on standby and always respond within a reasonable timespan to any issues or concerns that arise in the course of your case.


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Decisiveness vs. Indecisiveness

Lawyers need to make decisions and develop strategies. When you are looking around for a lawyer, pay attention to your first meeting as to whether they are scatter-branined and unsure, or if they seem to have a solid plan and can articulate how it will benefit you concretely and what expectations you reasonably should have with hiring them. Never hire an indecisive lawyer if you want to win your case.


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Do You Get Along with Your Lawyer?

Somewhat as a caveat to the previous point, there is a difference between being decisive and being rude. While some people love blunt communication, it can sometimes rub people the wrong way. Sometimes a lawyer just doesn’t have a personality that you feel comfortable and confident with, regardless of how serious and experienced they may be. You want someone who can calm any worries and is clearly in-tune with you and your needs.


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Compassion Is Key

Developing that thought further, a good lawyer is a lawyer who really cares about their clients. After all, you have hired them to FIGHT for your rights. It is a mistake to hire a lawyer who doesn’t really care, as you can’t count on them to go the extra mile for you.


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