MEMPHIS CAR ACCIDENT REPORTS SHOW SUNDAY AS THE DEADLIEST DAY TO BE ON THE ROAD Personal Injury Lawyer Matthew Porter Provides Best Practices for Auto Accidents MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – According to 15 years of Memphis car accident data gathered and reported by, Sunday is the deadliest day of the week for motorists. Matthew Porter, […]


Let’s say that in your spare time, or as a full-time job, you work for a transportation technology company driving your car. The company does not own your car, but you do. During this time, you receive requests for passengers to utilize your services through a mobile app and get paid in the same way. […]


Motorcycles are a fast, and often thrilling, mode of transportation, but the tradeoff for a car comes at a cost. Smaller, lighter and less visible than a car, a motorcycle leaves a lot of room for injury, especially without protective gear. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration says that motorcyclists are about eight times […]


When a traffic collision happens, you’re blindsided and left with an unexpected problem. Even with the utmost care and prevention, a car accident can happen to anyone and range from minor to devastating. Your initial reaction should be to check if you’ve sustained any injuries and report your car accident to the police. After calling […]

In early October health officials have been able to link an outbreak of fungal meningitis to a contaminated batches of steroids used in spinal cord injections. Alarmingly as of October 8th 2012 the outbreak was estimated to have reached 13,000 people, and has already claimed 11 lives. These injections are typically used to alleviate neck […]

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