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Twin Cities Criminal Defense Attorney

Things to Look For in a Twin Cities Criminal Defense Attorney


With various accreditations and certifications, Lynne Torgerson is so far the best twin cities criminal defense attorney for you. She has studied and trained in every aspect of the criminal law as well as relevant court procedures. Once she comes aboard your case, she will focus on creating the best defense on your behalf.

Through the decades of experience, she has become equipped to examine all the evidence and facts presented in a case to provide the best legal representation for clients. Basically, she will look for any loopholes or inconsistencies that will work in your favor.

A Strong Understanding Of The Legal And Criminal System

Yes, you have the right to defend yourself if you're in the midst of criminal charges. However, you need someone with a strong understanding of the legal and criminal system for the best results. Her experience and expertise in criminal law make her the best attorney for you. Having been in the business for a long time, she has strong associations with judges, prosecutors and other crucial members in the justice system that can work the case in your favor. Don't forget about the legal jargon, involved in all legal proceedings that might be tough for you to understand. An experienced criminal attorney should handle your case effortlessly.

Exceptional Research Skills

Any criminal case requires research to identify the facts and evidence to devise a good legal strategy. Also, it's important to track to track down important witnesses, cross-examine them and prepare the necessary documents to make sure there are no holes in the strategy. Working on your own might be tough since you can't handle the research required in the whole process. Well, working with the best criminal defense attorney comes in handy. Lynne Torgerson has the best staff and researchers who can handle everything from start to finish. Therefore, sit back and watch the best legal staff on your case from start to finish.

Contact Lyne Torgerson, the best criminal defense attorney in the twin cities and get the best representation for your criminal case.

Twin Cities Criminal Defense Attorney
Lynne Torgerson Criminal Defense

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