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Roundup Class Action Lawsuit

Take part in an upcoming Roundup class action lawsuit when you contact Your Case Worth- together, we can make sure Monsanto has their day in court and is forced to compensate the many victims of their toxic chemical, Glyphosate. Monsanto had the chance to do the right thing when a report was released proving that Roundup caused cancer, but the company’s CEOs did nothing, continuing to sell the product, knowing full-well it was harming consumers. If you’ve been hurt by Roundup, it’s your time to be heard in court. You don’t have to wait for your individual claim to go through the justice system- we can file a Roundup class action lawsuit that represents you and many others with similar damages.

Did Monsanto Change Their Name?

Monsanto made a recent move to try and distance themselves from all of the negative attention attached to their name- in the end, the courts will decide if their actions were of benefit to the company or not. When Monsanto sold their corporation, products, G-M secrets, and brand to Bayer, they thought they would walk away from the table with more than $60 Billion, when in fact, their move was immediately seen through by consumers. Judges across the country who are ruling on Monsanto Roundup cases are forcing the company to pay victims massive restitution for damages. Some legal experts believe every last penny of Monsanto’s nearly $1 Trillion in holdings will be spent in court.

Is Bayer Accountable Too?

Bayer, a name previously associated with gentle baby products, is not an innocent party in the transaction- they continue selling Roundup across the globe with the same toxic chemical ingredient, Glyphosate, deemed to cause cancer. As Bayer lawsuits begin showing up in the courtroom, the company still considers the big picture a win, since they’re making billions of dollars on Roundup sales and only paying out millions in compensation to victims.

Stopping Monsanto & Bayer

Sometimes the only way to get a message across to a corporation as large as Monsanto, or Bayer, is to hit them where they feel it most- in the wallet. Bankrupting Monsanto will send a clear message to other large corporations that they won’t get away with corruption, criminal activity, and selling toxic products. These companies thought they would never see their day of reckoning- but they are, and will continue to pay. Your Roundup class action lawsuit could result in a significant payout. Please contact Your Case Worth for more information on how you can get your claim added to the next class action suit.

As a victim, you have the right to expert representation in court and a fair amount of compensation for the harm you’ve suffered as a result of exposure to Roundup. Others may tell you it’s not worth the trouble or that it’s not possible to go up against a company the size of Monsanto, but the truth is that victims have to do the right thing to ensure others will not have to go through the same difficulties as you. You’ll find more information about an upcoming Roundup class action lawsuit when you click on the ‘News’ link on Your Case Worth.

Roundup Class Action Lawsuit

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