When Should I Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident

If you’ve just been involved in a car accident, there are probably many things racing through your mind. You may be wondering, “When should I hire an attorney?” or you might even wonder if you should hire one at all. The short answer is yes — you need to hire a lawyer right away after an accident!

As your Memphis attorney, Porter Law Firm is here to explain how an attorney helps you during the aftermath of a car crash. Read on for our expert guidance and contact us with any additional questions.

photo of person dialing cell phone after car accident

Make the Process Smooth and Efficient

Especially when it’s your first one, dealing with a car accident is confusing. You have to take the right steps to ensure your insurance claim gets approved and you receive the compensation you deserve. By working with an experienced auto accident attorney, you’ll get through the entire process efficiently and without any roadblocks.

Increase Your Potential Compensation

If you don’t follow the proper legal steps, you could lose out on some of the compensation you deserve. This might be the result of a poor negotiation or a lost insurance claim. Luckily, the best car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN can maximize your compensation by strengthening your claim.

photo of woman leaning out of driver window after hitting another car
photo of woman on cell phone while checking damage done to her car

Face the Insurance Company With Confidence

Insurance companies take advantage of the fact that the average person doesn’t fully understand their coverage or the law. This makes it difficult to win a claim or receive full compensation. But, because an attorney does know the law, they can face insurance head-on and achieve a successful claim for you.

Get Additional Guidance Throughout Your Case

Remember, your car accident lawyer is with you through every step of the process. You can go to them for guidance on anything involving your case or claim. At Porter Law Firm, we’ll even go so far as to recommend quality healthcare providers that you won’t have to pay until your claim is settled.

photo of crumpled car on road

When should you call an attorney after being in a car accident? The answer is as soon as you can! You need to hire the best car accident lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee to guide you through the aftermath. Contact us today to learn more about how Porter Law Firm can help you.