Hiring a Memphis Injury Lawyer After a Car Collision

Once the dust settles after a car accident, you probably feel like you’re in a confused haze. Even when you’re back in the comfort of your own home, perhaps after getting your car towed, you feel at a loss and don’t know what to focus on. Or, if it was a minor car accident, you’re not sure if your injuries merit the use of a Memphis car accident lawyer. Here at Porter Law Firm, PLLC, we know the ins and outs of Tennessee law and are here to provide you the help you need. If you ever thought that hiring a Memphis car accident lawyer is not worth the effort, allow us to demonstrate our case. Here are some reasons why you think you may not need our services along with an explanation of why you do.

Insurance Companies Want to Pay Less

If you are avoiding the use of a Memphis car accident lawyer simply because you have insurance, you should closely look at the motivations for both parties. In the event that who is at fault is unclear, your insurance company will aim to deliver the least amount possible for damages. Their goal is to provide minimal compensation to satisfy the need of the case to turn a profit. In Tennessee, comparative fault is a case in which fault is shared between the injured party and the defendant. Under circumstances that comparative fault is possible, a Memphis car accident lawyer will help you navigate those matters.

Your Damages Could be Worse Than You Thought

When it comes to personal injury, you won’t want to be thrifty with your health. In a car accident in which you have no injuries and no other apparent problems, you may not consider a Memphis injury lawyer. Or, if the at fault party’s insurance will cover your medical costs and provide compensation, you might be willing to take it at face value and possibly accept it. But, before you do anything final, you should know the full extent of your injuries before you accept a settlement offer. As your Memphis injury lawyer, we suggest you wait, because once you’ve accepted an offer, you can no longer make a claim. Using our experience and knowledge, we seek to gain the appropriate funds for your medical costs.

Contingency Agreements

All of the above reasons may sound exceptional for you to seek a Memphis injury lawyer, but monetary costs could stand in your way. Fortunately, contingency agreements allow you to seek the services of an experienced and knowledgeable Memphis injury lawyer without needing to pay upfront. This means you can seek a case with the assurance that you are properly being represented and will not need to pay anything if you don’t win the case.

At Porter Law Firm, PLLC, you can trust that you have a Memphis car accident lawyer that aims to give you the comfort and compensation you deserve.

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