What to Do in an Accident as an Uber Driver

Let’s say that in your spare time, or as a full-time job, you work for a transportation technology company driving your car. The company does not own your car, but you do. During this time, you receive requests for passengers to utilize your services through a mobile app and get paid in the same way. You are only on the clock if you are carrying a passenger. In an instance when you have an active journey and are involved in a car accident, are you covered? Or in murkier circumstances, if you’re on your way to picking up a passenger and get in a car accident, are you insured?

Porter Law Firm, PLLC, can help ridesharing drivers navigate the confusing legal matters of insurance as your Tennessee car accident lawyer. Our expertise allows us to give you legal advice on the fast-changing laws on ridesharing companies.

How Uber Works

Valued at close to $51 billion dollars, Uber has made its earnings as a tech-savvy company by making transportation quick and easy through its app. With Uber, as a driver, you are an independent contractor or third-party service provider but not an employee. Uber acts as a technology company through the Uber app and does not lease or charter any vehicles. Acting like a taxi company, this has led to some difficult legal matters when it comes to being in an accident and insurance. As an Uber driver, are damages from a car accident on your personal insurance or Uber’s? Or worse, are you not covered at all?

Verifying If You’re Insured

When you’re offline from Uber requests, you are covered by your personal insurance. However, once you’re on the job, things get tricky. If you’re online but do not have a passenger yet, you are covered by Uber’s contingent liability coverage for a certain amount, but only if your personal policy does not provide coverage. Many personal insurance plans do not provide coverage because using Uber, in their judgment, is a commercial use. Once a trip is picked up, Uber’s commercial insurance is in effect and you are covered by a $1 million third party liability policy and $1 million coverage in the event of an uninsured party being involved. Although this year Tennessee legislators passed legislation for ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft, calling on your Memphis law firm will help clear up any confusion you have.

How You Can Get Insured

Asking your insurance policy provider if they offer policies specific to being a ride-sharing driver is a good way to start your search. It’s best to thoroughly research your options and understand the ramifications you might be upheld to before you start driving for Uber. By relying on Porter Law Firm, PLLC, your Tennessee car accident lawyer, you can trust that our experience will lead you through your legal needs when dealing with transportation technology companies like Uber.

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