Trucking Accident

3 Important Things to Remember Following a Trucking Accident

Sadly, the roadways are one of the deadliest places in the entire world. There are plenty of attributing factors that cause serious auto accidents like distracted driving, which 660,000 drivers engage in at any given daylight moment, as well as impaired driving, vehicle issues, or simply happenstance.

As important it is to drive as safe as possible on the roads, accidents to happen, so it’s just as important to know what to do in the event of major truck accidents.

Here are some things to remember in the seconds after a trucking accident.

Remain in your vehicle until medical professionals clear you

You’re going to be terrified or confused or both after a serious auto accident, but it’s important to remain inside your vehicle until a paramedic clears you. Keep in mind, if there is a gas leak or it’s too dangerous to remain inside the car or truck, you might have to get to a safe place. So call the authorities right away after an accident, don’t leave the scene (ever), and wait to be cleared.

Write down all the necessary truck accident information

To protect yourself in court, and just to make sure that you have a clear recollection of what transpired after the accident, you should write down all the truck accident information on a notepad. Write down everything you see; who was involved, who was injured, and if there were any witnesses. Also, find out what the truck driver was doing during the crash and what company (if any) the driver is working for. All of this truck accident information can be helpful in the weeks and months that follow a major accident.

Call a truck accident lawyer

Aside from the police, your family, and medical professionals on scene, the only other person you should be in contact with after an accident is your automobile accident lawyer. You’ll be able to tell your auto accident lawyer all the important information that you wrote down and they can use it to represent you if the courts are ever involved.

Make sure you know what to do in the event of a major truck or car accident. If you want to speak with trusted auto accident lawyers, contact Porter Law Firm today.


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