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Workers’ compensation claims are often denied unjustly, preventing injured employees from recovering workers’ compensation benefits. Our Memphis workers’ compensation attorneys handle all workplace injuries, including wage loss, disability and past and future medical claims.

To fully understand your workers compensation rights it is best to receive the information from one of our knowledgeable Memphis workers’ compensation attorneys. You may be entitled to benefits if you’ve been injured on the job. Your state workers’ compensation system includes situations related to the following:

  • Weekly compensation until you’re able to return to work
  • Medical care until you’ve reached maximum medical improvement
  • Payment for permanent disability or impairment
  • Payments for mileage to and from medical appointments
  • Prescription reimbursement
  • Compensation for permanent scaring or disfigurement

Under injury law, it’s not necessary that your employer or a third party be at fault for your injury. The only requirement is that you were hurt while in the course of your job. Injuries in the workplace can happen suddenly, as in the case of a fall or unexpected accident. They may develop slowly over time from continued exposure to chemicals or other hazardous materials. They can also occur from performing repetitive movements over and over and over.

In order to be successful with your Tennessee workers’ compensation claim it is necessary to follow certain strict procedures and time requirements. The statute of limitations on a workers’ compensation claim is usually shorter than in other types of injury cases. The insurance company may improperly, even cruelly, deny your claim. When this happens we can obtain the benefits you deserve. Engaging the assistance of local Memphis workers’ compensation attorneys is the first step toward seeing that you receive just and fair compensation for your injury.

Even if you have been trying to file your own claim, and have been unsuccessful or are not sure you are getting a fair result, we can assist you with the filing of a claim or the ongoing negotiations.

Consult with one of our local, Memphis personal injury attorneys before agreeing to a settlement or signing any documents.

Most workers’ compensation cases are accepted on a contingency basis, meaning that there is no fee unless you actually recover monetary compensation for your injuries. Attorney’s fees are calculated as a percentage of the recovery prior to any costs or expenses being subtracted. There is no fee or obligation for meeting with one of our Memphis workers’ compensation attorneys to have your case evaluated.

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