Workers’ Compensation Claims are often denied unjustly, preventing injured employees from recovering workers’ compensation benefits. Our Memphis Workers’ Compensation attorneys handle all workplace injuries, including wage loss, disability, and past and future medical claims.

These benefits are designed to help compensate you for your medical expenses and lost wages in the event that you are injured at work. These benefits originally started as a way to streamline the process of being compensated for an injury on the job. Because the process can be complicated, it is wise to have the information from experienced Memphis workers’ compensation attorneys who is on your side in your workers’ compensation case.

In Tennessee, you must report your workers’ compensation claim within 30 days of the date of injury. Injured workers are entitled to a panel of three physicians to choose from for their medical treatment. Choosing a doctor that will protect you from further injury and treat you with the proper respect is crucial. Often times, the insurance companies or Human Resources representatives recommend certain doctors that they know will benefit their company. This unethical practice can result in further injury to the victim.

You may also be entitled reimbursement for your travel to and from the doctor’s office or physical rehabilitation. Many times the insurance companies fail to ask you certain details related to your care, like your mileage, for example. Our Memphis attorneys will help guide you through the reimbursements details to make sure you recover all of the compensation you are entitled to.

You may be entitled to a settlement based on your permanent injury as well. Without selecting the correct physician to take care of YOU, this can lead to a much smaller amount you deserve and in some instances no settlement. You may also be entitled to lifetime medical benefits for your injury. Unfortunately, Tennessee workers’ compensation laws do not provide an injured worker compensation for pain and suffering. Contact the Memphis attorneys for your Compensation case at Porter and Strange today so we can review your claim with you and get the benefits you deserve.

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