What Drivers Should Know

3 Questions All Drivers Should Know the Answer To

Driving a vehicle comes with plenty of responsibilities. Not only do you have to drive carefully and make sure that you and everyone else out on the roads will be safe, but you also have to make sure you handle yourself properly in the event of a serious auto accident. Knowing when to call a law firm, what to say to witnesses, and the important steps you should take after a crash are extremely important. These are things that all drivers should know. Here are some questions that you must learn to answer if you’re going to be operating a vehicle on U.S. roads.

What should I do if I am in an auto accident?

The first thing you should do is try and focus your attention on yourself. If you’re seriously harmed, you won’t be able to be of assistance to anyone else in or outside your vehicle. Your adrenaline will most likely be pumping so you might not feel injured right away, but after a minute or two you will probably be able to tell if you’re okay. Next, provided you are not seriously harmed, allow professional medical personnel on scene to take a look at you. Even if you’re not feeling seriously harmed on the outside, you could be experiencing internal issues that could potentially be life threatening. Once you’ve been medically cleared, it’s time to look around the scene and figure out what happened.

Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

Absolutely. No matter how severe of a crash, you should contact an auto accident lawyer immediately after you’ve been medically cleared.

But why do I need a lawyer after a car accident if it wasn’t that serious?

You’ll need a car accident lawyer so you can have the best chance at beating any lawsuits that might come your way as a result of the crash. Even if an accident was clearly and obviously not your fault, other drivers might try and use your mistakes against you and get you to pay for some of the damages. Experienced auto accident lawyers can prevent these kinds of things from happening. Roughly only 4% to 5% of all personal injury cases in the U.S. even make it to trial, but it’s best to work with a trusted lawyer either way.

Can I discuss the accident with other drivers on scene?

You shouldn’t talk about the crash with anyone else other than the authorities on scene, the medical staff, and your lawyer. Even if you think what you say to another driver is totally innocent and won’t be misconstrued, that statement might end up being something incriminating and could end up harming your chances in court. Try your best to keep quiet until this stressful event is behind you.

If you are still are asking yourself Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?, or are unaware of what you should do during these difficult situations, contact Porter Law Firm today.


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