Follow These 4 Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Follow These 4 Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

The roadways are extremely dangerous for everyone. Giant metal machines are traveling all over the place going anywhere from 10 to 100 miles per hour. Car and truck accidents happen every single day and can be deadly, but the accidents with the highest death rate come by motorcycle accidents.

Freak accidents do happen and there is no way to avoid them. There are, however, plenty of things you can do to lower your chances of hitting a motorcyclist and getting involved in motorcycle accidents.

  • Practice Safe Driving – Following the rules of the road can prevent deadly motorcycle accidents. In 2013, there were more than 8.4 million motorcycles on the road, so driving dangerously puts every one of those motorcyclists in danger. The rules of the road are not just there as suggestions. They are laws put in place to help prevent deadly crashes. Following the driving rules like fully stopping at stop lights and stop signs, following the speed limit, signaling, and never passing on the right, can ensure safety for everyone on the roads.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Motorcycles are obviously much smaller than other vehicles on the road, so they’re much harder to notice out on the roads. It’s imperative to periodically check all of your mirrors while driving to make sure there are no motorcyclists in your area.
  • Put Away Any and All Distractions in Your Vehicle – At any second where there is daylight in America, more than 660,000 drivers are on their smartphones behind the wheel. That second could end up taking a life if a motorcyclist comes is on the premises. Over 3,150 people were killed in crashes that involved distracted drivers in 2013. You’re in a 4,000-pound metal machine, put the phone away and pay attention to the road.
  • No Erratic Driving Movements – Driving can be one of the most frustrating things in the world, but it’s important to always keep your cool and not pull any erratic driving maneuvers. Even though someone pulling out in front of you drives you crazy, make sure to not get too angry and just fly into the next lane without looking. There could be a motorcyclist approaching and that could be deadly.

Contacting motorcycle injury lawyers is important if you are involved in any accident. Motorcycle accident attorneys will fight to make sure you are compensated for any resulting injuries.

Drive safe out there!


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