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One of the most important parts of an automotive accident in Tennessee, or any state for that matter, is determining which driver is at fault. Why is this important? The state of Tennessee is a “fault” state, meaning that in most cases the at-fault driver must pay the damages that resulted from the accident. If […]

Basic Tennessee Car Accident Laws

An automotive accident is something that nobody ever wants to be involved in. That being said, it is important to be prepared in the event that you are. When you are in an automobile accident in the Memphis area, it is important to get in touch with the Porter law firm right away for legal […]

5 Things To Never Do

As an accident injury attorney in Memphis, TN, we deal with automobile crashes and accident injury claims resulting from crashes more than any other type of case. Why might this be? Well, it could be that every single day over 90 people die in car crashes, with another three million being injured. In fact, car […]

Five Reasons To Protecting Yourself From Premises Liability Claims

As your primary source of personal injury lawyers in Memphis, TN, you usually see us speaking in terms like “if you are hurt as a result of another person’s negligence” or “if you are injured on another person’s property” when we are discussing premises liability. While yes, the Porter Law Firm is here for you […]

What To Do After A Commercial Trucking Accident

Every single day, automotive accidents occur all around the United States, a lot of which occur on the interstate. Due to the nature of interstate travel, it is not the automotive driver that is the most vulnerable to an accident — contrary to what one might think. Driving a truck can be more dangerous, as […]

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