Personal Injury After Car Accident

3 Essential Steps Following an Auto Accident Resulting In Personal Injury

Suffering any type of personal injury after an automobile crash can be terrifying. No matter how severely you are injured, you’re still going to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally drained over the next few days, weeks, and potentially even months following your injury.

Knowing the essential steps to take after you’ve been injured, however, can greatly cut down on the stress weighing you down. Here are some important next steps to take following an auto accident resulting in a personal injury.

Call the authorities

The first step you should take in the aftermath of an auto accident is to contact the authorities. Hopefully an ambulance and police officer will arrive on scene within minutes of the crash, but you should do your best to call them as soon as you are able. Make sure that you are thoroughly inspected by a professional medical staff onsite and are medically cleared before you do anything else. Also, make sure everyone in your car and any other vehicles are medically cleared as well.

Call your personal injury attorney

The next step you should take is to immediately call your personal injury attorney. Knowing when to call a law firm and speak to your car or truck accident attorney is an essential step. As soon as you can, get to a quiet location and let them know exactly what happened. Be sure to not withhold any detail of the accident, no matter how small, because those small details could end up making or breaking your case in the future.

Prepare for a potential trial or settlement

Luckily, 95% to 96% of settlement cases for personal injury trials result in a settlement before they reach a trial, but it’s best to prepare just in case. This is why it’s so important to have a strong professional relationship with your personal injury attorney; if they are aware of every detail of the crash, they can help you fight your case much better than if they were left unsure of what transpired. Settlement cases for personal injury can end rather quickly, provided your attorney has enough information to do so, but they can also last quite a long time, so hang in there.

If you want to learn more about settlement cases for personal injury or what additional steps you might need to take, contact Porter Law Firm today.




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