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3 Situations in Which You May Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

When dealing with personal injury, knowing when to call a law firm and what to look for in a law firm is essential. Often, these cases can be quite complicated and vary from situation to situation. Plus, there are always uncertainties involved.

However, wholly 95% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial. With the help of a competent personal injury attorney, you may be able to settle your case before it even truly begins.

Here are a few times you should consider hiring a qualified personal injury attorney.

Vehicle Accident Injury

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, the immediate aftermath can be overwhelming. You might be unsure of the future, regarding many aspects including your vehicle, health, career, and — in some cases — your life. The most important thing you can do is to make sure your immediate health is not in danger. After you’ve been cleared by medical professionals, it’s time to think about calling an experienced attorney.

The type of injury you’ve sustained will most likely determine the severity of your case, the medical expenses associated with your treatment and medication, and the duration allotted for your recovery time. For any long-term debilitating injuries, there is the potential that your quality of life is in jeopardy. Working with an experienced law firm will make sure you get the damages you’re entitled to.

Refusal to Pay

Another important reason to contact an attorney is a refusal to pay. Insurance companies sometimes outright won’t provide a fair settlement offer, or any offer at all, which can end up making your life even more difficult. You deserve some restitution if you’ve been injured, so work with qualified attorneys to get the justice you deserve.

Liability Disputes

Personal injury cases can get extremely complicated because of the finances and potential criminal action involved. If an opposing insurance company is disputing liability for the injury, you should immediately work with your attorney to get to the bottom of the situation. An experienced attorney can help provide proof that the other party was at fault and you’ll receive proper damages.

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