3 Safety Tips Every Driver Needs to Follow to Stay Alive

3 Safety Tips Every Driver Needs to Follow to Stay Alive

Driving is such an everyday activity we often don’t give it much thought at all. But whether we take this modern convenience for granted or not, we have to be conscious of the fact that we are driving giant metal machines at high speeds that could cause serious damage at any moment.

Too many people — especially young people — aren’t aware of what it truly means to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. You’re not just taking your life into your hands, you’re essentially taking everyone else’s life into your hands when you get behind the wheel.

Here are a few important tips that every driver should abide by, no matter your experience.

Don’t Drive Drunk
This one is pretty obvious, but because it’s still an epidemic in our country, it has to be reiterated. Every day, 4,000 people are arrested for drunk driving. Seem like a lot? Well, compared to the 300,000 drunk drivers on the road, that’s actually not a high number at all. People get away with drunk driving far more than they should, so we have to change the way we think about the crime.
On average, a drunk driver has driven drunk at least 80 times before the first drunk driving arrest. If you’ve been injured by an intoxicated motorist, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer, car accident lawyer, or a truck accident lawyer right away.

Don’t Drive Distracted
Another obvious tip, but too many drivers injure themselves and other people because they aren’t paying attention on the roads. Just like some drunk drivers tell themselves they’re just really good at drinking and driving, some motorists think they know how to text and drive safely. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing.
At any moment across the country, roughly 660,000 drivers are driving distracted thanks to electronic devices. In 2013, 424,000 people were injured at the hands of these drivers and more than 3,150 people were killed. Pay attention to the roads; there is too much at stake. Again, car or truck accident lawyers can assist you if you’ve been involved in any of these types of accidents.

Follow the Rules of the Road
The rules of the road are not suggestions. They are laws based on real data and logic to prevent as many accidents as possible. It’s impossible to prevent them all, but if no one ever sped, ran red lights or stop signs, incorrectly merged, drove under the influence or while distracted, and followed the rest of the rules of the road, there would be significantly less accidents out on the roadways.

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