Taking a Picture of an Accident

3 Important Steps You Should Take After a Car Crash

Roadways are one of the most dangerous places in the world. At any given moment, there are approximately 600,000 drivers using cell phones or being distracted by some other electronic device. At any given moment, those drivers can easily crash into you and cause plenty of serious issues.

It’s important to know exactly what to do in the immediate events after a vehicle accident. You have to know when to call a law firm, when to call the cops, who else you should contact, and plenty more. It can be hectic and extremely overwhelming.

Call Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Before you do this, however, you have to actually have a personal injury lawyer to call. If you were injured, if you’re worried an insurance company is unfairly denying your claim, or if you were injured by a drunk or distracted driver, then it’s wise to start reaching out to personal injury lawyers for help.

Take Pictures of Everything

It’s important to provide your lawyer with all the necessary information following your accident. After you call the authorities (if need be), you should start taking pictures of everything around the accident scene. Take photos of the actual car wreck, of witnesses around the area, street signs, traffic lights, nearby cars, license plates, and anything else that might be of importance.

Exchange Info, But Don’t Talk Too Much

You should exchange insurance information with the other driver afterward; however, be careful not to disclose too much. Don’t apologize or try to reassure the other driver by saying things like, “Don’t worry about it,” or, “It’s no one’s fault.” You don’t want to give the other person’s lawyer anything that they could potentially use against you. Even if it was 100% the other driver’s fault, if you misspeak in the moments after the accident and end up saying the wrong thing, you might put your entire case in jeopardy.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s so important to work with accident lawyers who can offer legal assistance and advice. Contact the Porter Law Firm, PLLC, in Memphis today if you need legal assistance after a car crash.

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